Multi-Function Foot Massager



Units of Measurement: A

Time-to-Market: 2016

Specifications: 405*380*167 Mm

Recommended Retail Price: 968.00

Power Supply: Alternating Current

Origin: Mainland China

Massage Principle: Air Pressure;Magnetic;Hot Compress.


Function: Timing

Control Mode: Dianyuansu nao shi

Catalog No.: 035

Brand Name: HANRIVER

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Product characteristics and use the signal:

● The egg-shaped design, fashion, beautiful, lightweight and portable;
● Set foot gun rou, scraping, rubbed his hat, air pressure, heat many health-care massage functions in one;
● Full foot massage, all point deep tissue massage, clear all the meridian foot reflex zone;
● Power collection device, bring convenience to life.


Product composition:

(1) The Central Surface: 4 independent control buttons-control products massage Function
(2) the front at the bottom of the central: scraping massage head -- Realizing the foot arch area acupuncture massage, heated
(3) the front at the bottom of the front-end: gun rou massage head -- Realizing the foot area acupoint massage
(4) the front at the bottom of the back-end: Rub top massage head -- Realizing the heel area of acupoint massage
(5) The surface lining: Air-close to the instep, Air Pressure Massage
(6) Front bottom surface: carseat face set-cleaning
(7) The bottom: power collection device provides the power cord Storage

A) use close
Check whether the damage.
Identify location, cosy and comfortable.


B) the method of use:
1. The Beamline Device of power line, access 220 V/50Hz power sockets.
2. The method of operation
● Time kai guan jian, when heated window, and instructions for red, strength and weak to rise, and the parameters for the blue pattern
A model for 1, and indicate that the blue;
● Time kai guan jian after, then press a heating key, heating function, red indicator lamp;
● Products on the State, the pressure strength of the key, the realization of two of the strength of the conversion. Blue lights and weak to rise, red light
For 8 hot.
Journal of product on the State, press the mode button, can be of two kinds of mode conversion. Blue light on a model for 1, red light, a model for 2.


Professional gun rou massage]
Massage position:
Toe and foot area rolling kneading massage
Key points]
Yongquan/in the inner courtyard cave and important points
Holographic Theory]
Reflex zone corresponding part is mainly the entire head, including the brain,/cerebellar thought nothing key positions
A magical effect]
Depth collapse foot fatigue sore/to turn and aching and limp powerless
Insomnia, dreaminess/headaches and dizziness/hypertension symptoms play
[Prevention of respite]
The classic scraping massage]
Massage: Foot Arch depression area of the deep place massage
Holographic theory: by reflecting area "the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder, stomach, the size of the intestinal tract "corresponding degree deep place of scraping massage.
Magical Effect: Promote the blood circulation, release foot pressure regulating organs function, increase the endocrine balance, to excrete toxins, shaping the charming figure.
The chewy rub top massage]
Massage: heel Area
Holographic theory: the sciatic nerve and gonads
Magical Effect by trying to strong kneading, top pressure, at the same time with the instep air rhythmic squeezing massage, to promote the sciatic nerve health and improve sleep quality good auxiliary function, can also stimulate the cells to produce energy, anti-aging, eternal youth.
The Dynamic Pressure Massage]
Massage: Study
Holographic theory: the feet to the point
Magical Effect: the airbag inflation extrusion fixed foot, gun rou, scraping and rubbed at the top of the massage effect in place, eliminating fatigue and sedentary cause foot pain, swelling, improve memory, sleep isobaric health


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